"Towards at Sustainable Europe by 2030"


Responsible conduct and new business strategy models are among the enabling factors for facilitating the transition to a sustainable Europe.

Improving the level and quality of life of its citizens, the competitiveness of its economy, investing in sustainable growth, being an example for all.

The European Commission launches today an open debate on the Sustainable Development. Following the reflection deriving from the White Paper on the Future of Europe published on the occasion of the Rome Declaration of 25 March 2017, Europe intends to meet the existing technological, economic and social challenges and to drive the Community policies in order to achieve the 17 objectives ( SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, signed by the EU and its Member States.

A choral reflection around three possible scenarios, which intends to gather all the forces in the field, citizens, civil society, interested parties, Governments and institutions, to help the next European Commission to better define the priorities, roles and tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Reflection Paper Towards at Sustainable Europe by 2030" is available at:




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