Published in the July/August 2020 U&C magazine the dossier "Social responsibility, the new development model after the emergency". Contribution of the NCP

30 July 2020

 In its  July/August 2020 issue the Magazine U&C - Unification & Certification, a monthly in depth review  for the members of UNI, Italian Standardization Body, published the dossier "Social responsibility, the new development model after the emergency", divided into 12 original contributions, including that of the NCP, aimed at illustrating the multiple points of contact between standardization and the theme of social responsibility, in its different forms. It also tries to seize possible ideas on the path that sustainable development and responsibility will take following the pandemic in progress.
The first part of the dossier offers a brief historical excursus relating to the publication of UNI ISO 26000. Some contributions at national level follow - including that of the NCP, which focuses on the role of the NCP itself and on the implementation of the OECD Guidelines, particularly through the practice of due diligence, functional to the framing of the topic of Social Responsibility in the national context. The third part gives space to the contribution of ISO 26000 Stakeholder Global Network and to the position of UNECE (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe). The fourth part of the dossier focuses on some examples of possible concrete declination of the issues of social responsibility in close relationship with ISO 26000. The collection of articles ends with the example provided by the Italian Standardization Body itself through the application of the indications contained in the "ISO 26000: 2010 guideline" to its organizational model (art.12).


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