CSRMed 2020 FORUM live streaming from 21 to 23 of October.

Monday 19 October 2020

The 8th ONLINE EDITION of the CSRMed 2020 Forum will be online from the Palazzo Pico of Naples in live streaming from 21 to 23 of October. "AGENDA 2030: PROMOTE AND FINANCE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH" is the theme of this edition. It aims at focusing on scenarios and possible evolutions in light of the effects of the pandemic on the world economy, the actions and tools available to RECOGNIZE, SUPPORT AND REWARD VIRTUOUS COMPANIES, as they are capable of generating value added also for the territories, protecting people and the environment.

 The Italian NCP will participates with a speech on the session: “State of implementation of the 2030 Agenda”.


Program: https://www.csrmed.com/programma/

Info: http://www.spazioallaresponsabilita.it/al-via-l8csrmed/

Follow the live Streaming: https://www.csrmed.com/479-2/

- On the Facebook page: facebook.com/SpazioallaResponsabilita

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