Cooperatives, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Rome, 4th December 2018

The Ministry of Economic Development promotes Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and funds, through Invitalia, the implementation of three feasibility studies to accompany cooperatives in innovation and growth paths. With an eye to social and environmental innovation, it indicates in the three tenders the areas with the greatest potential for development. The deadline for the calls is 14 January 2019


The three feasibility studies concern:

  • Identification of new organizational models and cooperative governance (value: € 60,000); it should refer, among other things, to members’ active participation in the business model, transparent management systems, organizational innovation, inclusive and sustainable growth, decent work
  • Traceability, transparency and distribution of value within a cooperative supply chain (value: € 60,000); it should refer , for example, to traceability of products or services, including through the use of the blockchain, and sustainable production models and consumption
  • Identification and use of methodologies for the involvement of active citizenship in view of an inclusive and sustainable urbanization (value: € 80,000).,it should refers among other things, to protection and reuse of real estate, cultural and environmental heritage, participatory planning and management of human settlements and the creation of safe and accessible green areas, in particular for children, elderly people and people with disabilities.

The initiative, implemented through Invitalia, is promoted within the promotion and development of the cooperative movement (Article 11 of Law No. 59/92) This is the fourth "tranche" of tenders that from 2016 to date have led to the implementation of 17 feasibility studies with an allocation by the Ministry of about € 1,136,000 to awarding cooperatives.

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