ISTAT published the "REPORT ON ENTERPRISES 2021"

Rome, January 14, 2022

ISTAT Report provides an overview of interrelated data of a wide variety of characteristics of the Italian business system: ownership structures, human resource management, collaborative relationships, the extension of the reference markets, the perceived factors of competitiveness and weakness, innovative activity and the use of technologies, production internationalization, transformation processes and actions carried out for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

In particular, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was explored by distinguishing the most relevant types of intervention for work well-being and equal opportunities (internal CSR) and for the territory (external CSR), and the presence of a system of evaluation of the effectiveness of these interventions by companies.

Almost 70% of companies with at least three employees (712 thousand) declare that they have implemented at least one internal CSR measure and, in many cases, as illustrated in the 2020 ISTAT Report on "Sustainability in companies: environmental and social aspects" companies have adopted also several measures at the same time.

Link to : "REPORT ON ENTERPRISES 2021" Structure, behavior and performance from the Census



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