OECD e-learning Academy on Responsible Business Conduct (RBC)

The OECD e-learning Academy on Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) provides learners with a unique opportunity to advance their knowledge of responsible business conduct and OECD risk-based due diligence.

Through the Essentials of OECD Due Diligence for RBC course, you will learn about:

o International expectations on RBC and why business should care
o Characteristics of the OECD due diligence approach include how it can be tailored to a company’s circumstances
o Key elements of OECD risk-based due diligence include recommendations to prioritise risks and engage with stakeholders for effective due diligence.

The course is self-paced and includes short quizzes to assess your newly acquired knowledge. You may take approximately 2.5 hours to complete this course.
After successful completion of each course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

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